why do I do this?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have been asked numerous times why I started this blog. Why I take pictures of our lunches everyday. Why would anyone care? Well, below are my reasons... and if anyone cares, great! If you don't, then just move on...

1.) I have to.

Miss C started preschool with "play&stay".  She goes to pre-k in the morning, then have a structured extended afternoon at the school. The preschool does not serve lunch due to state regulations so she needs to bring her own lunch. And she's not packing it herself. She's 4.

2.) I'm try to be healthy and 3.) save money by eating lunch at work everyday.

I'm trying to break this habit of eating out for lunch all the time. And even though we are trying to be budge-conscious, we throw out  a lot of leftovers because we forget what we have in the fridge. While my husband and I do try to cook at home, it may not always be organic or extremely healthy. If things are on sale, we choose organic and healthier foods... but on a time crunch or budget-wise, I'll admit I'm a semi-homemade type of girl. While other food snobs and chefs throw tomatoes at Sandra Lee, star of Semi-Homemade Cooking on The Food Network, I actually like her style.  I am not ashamed to say that I used jarred spaghetti sauce, spaghetti and frozen chicken patti and call it "chicken parmesan". For me, my husband and child, its dinner. I'm sure I'm not the only mother around here that does that.

4.) I love Japan.

My mom lived in Japan for a couple years for graduate school. Though my brother and I lived with our aunts, we were able to visit her there. I was only 8 and I remember the foods and restaurants. I began my Sanrio crush. I love all things Sanrio: Hello Kitty, Badtz Maru, and my all-time favorite is Keroppi.

photo credit: Sanrio
I love Japanese food and one of the things that stood out to me were lunchtime foods. I remember stands with rice wrapped in nori (seaweed) shaped like a triangle. I remember soba noodles in these divided lacquer boxes called bentos.

photo credit: Wikipedia

5.) I have a theory that if it looks fun, kids will eat it. or not. But I am undoubtedly blessed with a child that is not as picky as other kids. A child that will ask for sushi and crab if asked what restuarant she wants to eat at. A child that eats half a cookie and announce that she's done. A child that will rather eat fruit than candy. Yeah, I'm gonna brag about that. I sympathize with some of my friends that have picky eaters. While Miss C will have a day where she will not eat or try anything, I can pretty much bet on it that if we have it the next time, she will end up trying whatever she didn't like the day or week or month before.

6.) Its fun and I like being creative.

If its not fun, I'll lose interest and it will become a chore. If I get bored with it, lunches probably won't be a priority and I'll end up just tossing whatever is easy and convenient in Miss C's lunchbox.  Probably PBJs and lunchables... but wait, she can't have peanut butter at preschool (and I hate peanut butter), so lunchables every day is probably will not be the healthiest thing to eat everyday.

7.) I'm crazy. I'm insane. Just ask my friends.

8.) I hope to inspire someone, or give ideas, or share recipes much like other bloggers have inspired me.

9.) I want to be as proactive and involved in my child's life... as a working mom can do.  I love the smile Miss C gives me in the mornings when she tells me "That. is. SO. cute, Mommy. Take a picture of me with my lunch!"

10.) Did I mention I'm crazy?

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