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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For this lunch, I give it a "B-" for effort, "D" for creativity, and "B" for food.  (Should I give grade evaluations on every lunch? Probably not).  We played too much during Labor Day weekend so I did not get the chance to go get groceries. Nor had plans or menus for lunches or dinners.  So on Tuesday, Mr. Awesome (since my friends always exclaim that I have an awesome husband--I know!--that spoils me rotten.) made egg burritos as I cleaned out searched the fridge for anything lunch worthy. To be honest, I've been shopping for fun and cute and adorable lunch boxes and bento-esque tools that I neglected to think about what FOODS actually go inside those cute Hello Kitty boxes.  Don't worry, I'm going grocery shopping tonight I even pinned a great organizational strategy for my fridge on Pinterest... I heart Pinterest.

So here's our first lunch:

Miss C's 1st preschool lunch
ham and cheese rollups
with goldfish crackers, raisins and a bit of fruit snacks for color
and my mom made a lime jello with pears that Miss C absolutely loves.

My lunch
leftover egg burrito and a banana

I had less than 10 minutes to whip up these lunches... again, poor planning on my part. Thank goodness Miss C didn't want her hair braided because we were running behind on time as it is. Also, I never know when to use flash on close up food shots with my little point-and-shoot camera. I've been struggling with this issue when photographing my cakes, so any pointers, settings, etc, I'm all ears... but keep in mind I have less than 30 seconds to snap a picture.

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- B said...

CUTE! I'm so excited to see what else you come up with.

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