day 3: Sunbutter Jelly Sandwich

Monday, September 12, 2011

Due to severe nut allergies, the preschool has a nut-free policy. This means no PBJ's for Miss C.  Which was fine by me because I hate peanut butter and gag everytime I make peanut butter jelly sandwiches. When Miss C found out that she would be bringing her lunch, her first lunch request was PBJs. So off to the store I went to buy a $100 jar of Sunbutter. Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit. But for a $5 jar of Sunbutter, Miss C better eat her lunch!  Sunbutter is made from sunflower seeds, and it tastes a bit like peanut butter with a sunflower seed aftertaste.

I'm not packing mine. I did not eat my previous lunch (chicken penne) at work, so I had that for that day. Plus, I hate peanut butter (did I mention that already?) or any kind of alternative nut/seed butter... Though I have yet to try Nutella... that one has chocolate, so I may like it.

SBJ sandwich with carrot dots
party mix, grapes, mozz. cheese

SBJ Verdict:  Mixed. -- Miss C ate up the sandwich and said it was very good. But then again on Sunday, she told me that she does not like Sunbutter. But maybe she will if there is only a little bit of SB with strawberry AND grape jelly inside. Which is fine by me because that stuff is expensive!
Also, Miss C informed me yesterday that I neglected to put a fork and spoon with her previous lunch (chicken pasta) and the teacher had to give her disposable ones. She made sure she informed her daddy as soon as he picked her up. Oops. I'm still on a lunch packing learning curve here!

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Susan Cortes said...

test test.....also try Amazon for your Sunbutter, on top of the other tips i've given you!

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