#9 ham rollups

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ham rollups using flat bread. Steamed carrots.
with vanilla cookies, party/trail mix (no nuts), mandarin oranges
Here is a picture of the cute HK bento I got from Ebay:

My lunch is leftover cavatappi with my husband's spaghetti sauce. Once in a blue moon, we do a cooking blitz where we cook 3-4 dishes, worth 6-8 meals in one night and freeze them. Usually we incorporate one main meat ingredient (chicken or ground beef) into 3 or 4 recipes and double the recipe. For example, one night we bought ground beef in bulk. We made 2 meatloaves, 1 batch of meatloaf muffins, taco meat (2 meals), a big pot of spaghetti sauce (divided into 3 meals), and Cuban rice (a Filipino stew--don't be fooled with the name--with rice/gr beef/potatoes/carrots).  The freezer meals come in handy for those busy weeks. And we try to cook our favorite recipes for our freezer meals instead of trying out and freezing a new reicpe. I'll write more about that on a future post.
I need cute bento boxes too... *sigh*


Charlene said...

Cute Bentos....I am a bento mommy too. Come check out my blog and we can share ideas :)



Myra said...

thanks Charlene! we're just getting started! I'm hooked!

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