So far so good... and Pinterest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Its been two weeks and so far so good.  I told my husband that I'd be surprised if I last 2 weeks... but I have not lost interest in this yet.  Much like with cakes, I look at food in a different way. "How can I make this (dinner or an ingredient) into something fun for lunch?"  I get my inspiration from sites like Bentobloggy, Lunch in a Box, and Cute Foods for Kids. And Pinterest.

Oh, yes. Pinterest. If you have never heard of it, it is sort of a virtual pinboard. You can "pin" an image you find on the web on Pinterest on a board, then you can go back to that board at a later date and it will take you to the original website you got that image from. It sure beats right-click/save then trying to figure out what website that idea originated from. I have boards of recipes I want to try, stuff I want to do in my home, party ideas, and of course, inspires bentos/lunch boxes, and many many many more. (Just ignore the "baby fever" board.) I can get lost "pinning" for hours....

One of the awesome ideas I got from Pinterest is a lunch-making bin or box for the fridge. The image linked me to Jen of  "I Heart Organizing".
Most of the things you need to make lunches is in one container. 

Here is mine:
I also have one shelf in my fridge for this box and other things that can't fit in the box, like tall bottles, plastic containers with leftovers, etc. (Sorry, my fridge is not blog-picture-friendly.)  I also have a box with her little containers, lunchboxes, food picks, fun cutters and molds, etc so that I can easily find them. And I bought a 3-drawer plastic container where I can put pantry-stable foods like crackers, raisins, and canned items. This idea totally streamlines my morning as I'm not digging through my fridge or pantry for stuff.

From waking up to loading up the car, Miss C's morning routine is running at about 40 minutes every morning.  I fix her lunch while she's eating breakfast, usually only about 10-20 minutes. Then I fix her hair right before leaving. If I take longer with packing her lunch, she usually ends up in a ponytail. If I have a little more time, I may attempt to braid her hair, as I do have a Pinterest board for hair braiding. Ha!

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