#5 potatoes, vegs, & chicken

Thursday, September 15, 2011

For dinner the night before, we had grilled potatoes and one of those steamer veggies. Miss C wanted the leftovers for lunch and I mixed in some cut-up grilled chicken. She also wanted cottage cheese. Pineapple and carrot chips and ranch rounds up this lunch.

I've been collecting little plastic containers, thermos bowls, and fun bento-style lunch boxes. The one above is a Dora insulated/thermos bowl I found on clearance at Target. These fun square cups with multi-colored lids I found at Meijer. You know how they hang random stuff at aisles? I think I found these hanging by the juice/pop aisle. I found her Hello Kitty lunchbox at Martin's (regional grocery store) on sale for $5.99 with coupons inside for free bread, $1 off kids' toothbrush, $1 off kids' toothpaste, and $0.75off for yogurt! SCORE!

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