#6 SBJ roll

Monday, September 19, 2011

SBJ Roll Up
w/pita chips, watermelon, raisins (w/fruit snacks) 
and yogurt (read more below for if you're curious about that green thing)

my lunch... grilled chicken breasts over mixed salad w/spinach and yogurt.

I tried to do a sandwich sushi that looked like this...
...but it turned out really messy to cut. I left the sandwich (made of Sunbutter instead of PB) in just one roll.  I cut the watermelon into shapes with flower cutters I got from Chinatown in Chicago used for veggies and fruit. Now what is that green thing up there? Those are silicone ice pop makers (from Amazon). I first saw these at Lunch Fit for a Kid. These can be used for making homemade push-up popsicles or fill them with yogurt (think Gogurt)! I was afraid that it was going to explode in her lunch bag, I actually wrapped it in Press&Seal, but it didn't. I love this thing!! 

I am still trying to get into this daily posting groove. I don't know how a lot of these super bloggers do it! Blogging daily! It's a lot of work! I'm a couple days behind! (actually, 5 days behind, since I don't usually blog weekend food.) And I also have some recipes and little tidbits that I want to post, so sitting down and actually composing them is challenging with me working, being a mom, and trying to keep my head above water when it comes to house chores like laundry (ugh). So bear with me, I'll be a little bit more diligent in posting in the future!  If you have any questions, just ask! I'm also on Facebook

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Susan Cortes said...

you did find my tagged pin then? YAY! i thought you would like it. too bad they didn't work out, maybe next time! (maybe freeze a little before cutting?)

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