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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My sweet, adorable 4 year old started preschool today.  She'll be going 4 days a week for morning preschool then going to "play & stay" in the afternoon. Play and stay is like an extended afternoon preschool, there's no curriculum, but it will have structured play time, creative time, music time, and learning time, correlating with what they are learning during the morning classes. We felt that this is a great way to ease her transition to all-day kindergarten next year. 

I now have to pack her lunches--Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Pre-planning and packing lunches are definitely not my forte. I tend to eat out for lunch during the work week, despite many attempts to try to pack a healthy lunch.

So now I'm presented this challenge to pack my child's lunches every day. Do I crumble at the pressure and resort to easy PB&J every day? No. I can't because there are a couple students with severe NUT ALLERGIES so her school is a NUT-FREE school. Of course. So because I normally don't do things the easiest and simplest way, I am going to attempt fun bento-style lunches (inspired by Emily from Bentobloggy). Now, my lunches will be nowhere near creative than hers... but I did "pin" a lot of ideas on Pinterest, so we'll see what I can come up with this year. I know that there are hundreds of blogs out there dedicated to fun lunch box ideas so the twist to this blog will be that I will pack a coordinating Mommy lunch for work at least twice a week.  Notice I did not write that I will coordinate mine with her lunches every time, I am a bit of a realist knowing that every other week, my coworker, Janet and I get takeout from our favorite Chinese place.
So there it is. Its out on the World Wide Web. I'm posting this blog so that maybe I can get a sense of accountability. Maybe post my menu planning so I can plan on dinner leftovers for lunch too. Maybe recipes that I've concocted or inspired by others.  I told my husband that I give this whole lunch ordeal 2 whole weeks.

P.S. Bethany and Bridget: forgive my grammar and punctuation mistakes... Just cringe and email/FB me and I'll gladly correct them. ;)

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