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Mommy's {paleo} Lunches

This week marks the last week of the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge. It was an 8-week challenge and competition with points based on diet and WOD (workout) performance. Here is a round-up highlighting some of the lunches for work the last 2 months:    Fajita Chicken Salad w/dragonfruit Meatloaf w/sweet potatoes Pork Chili Beef Koftas Flank Steak w/Sweet Potato Hash Chicken Tenders Scottish Eggs                              Greek Sausage w/brussels sprouts packed in EasyLunchBoxes note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

Halloween 2014

Things have been a little crazy... while we've been packing lunches, about 90% of them have not been photographed or blogged. I still don't have a costume for the baby and we have no bread to make fun easy sandwiches for a Halloween lunch.  So Miss C and I raided the fridge for leftovers this morning and came up with this:  Miss C's Lunch: Leftover Mac N Cheese (using Wildtree's Kids Cheez ) Beef hotdogs (no nitrates, no preservative) clementine and celery (with sunbutter) and yogurt. Thank goodness for our food/cupcake pick stash and found some fun Halloween ones! 

paleo challenge 2014 - with banana pancake recipe

My husband and I are taking part in the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge again this year. We did this last year and it was a great way to sort of reboot/restart/reset our eating patterns since we over-indulged over the summer. Time to get rid of sugar cravings. Our children usually eats what we serve for dinner, but lunch is usually when I let Miss C have an sandwich or grain or a treat. Baby E is now eating regular food and drinks organic whole milk.  Mommy's Lunch: (paleo challenge - day 1) Pork chili pear and nuts packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links Miss C's lunch: Cheese quesadilla with sour cream lettuce, rice and tomatoes (we had Mexican food for our "last dinner before the challenge" and this was leftover from Miss C's dinner that she wanted to pack for lunch) Breakfast: 2-ingredient banana pancake {paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free} Mash 1 banan

turkey rollups w/Kale Chips

Miss C's Lunch: Turkey rollups with lettuce and cheese raspberries and blackberries snap peas w/ranch kale chips packed in a Planetbox Rover Kale Chips {recipe} 1 bunch kale (remove stems, wash and make sure they are dry) splash of olive oil sea salt  optional parmesan cheese (omit for paleo) optional seasoning: garlic powder, red pepper flakes, etc Preheat oven at 350deg. Toss kale with olive oil, and salt (and/or optional seasoning) Arrange kale in a single layer on a cookie sheet. (optional - sprinkle parmesan cheese) Bake for 20-25 minutes until crisp, turning halfway. 

Everyday Bento

This spring, my friend Wendy published Everyday Bento .  She has plenty of ideas that are doable and easy to follow.  packed in a  Lunchbot Trio In her blog, I've always admired her orange flowers ... and it's really easy to arrange! My daughter loved the book. She saw the mini waffle sandwiches and created her own version using mini pancakes and used whatever we had available as for her sides. Miss C's Lunch: Mini pancake sandwiches w/banana and almond butter greek yogurt with strawberries and mini chocolate chips This book has recipes and step-by-step pictures of a variety of fun lunches... or you can be like my daughter and be inspired by Wendy, add your own twist and create your own fun lunch!

2nd Grade!

Miss C starts 2nd grade today... #stopgrowing When did she become so big? *sniff* Have a great day at school baby girl! I am praying for protection and safety  and fun and learning and  make new friends. The neighbor kid started kindergarten (blue shirt) today... Seems like yesterday Miss C was that teeny! Miss C's lunch Sunbutter sandwich grapes and apples packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links We are using CuteZCute's new Cuddle Palz sandwich/cookie cutters! We love it! It comes with 4 faces and  a body that you can configure in a lot of ways! 

Arroz a la Cubana {Filipino style}

Mommy's Lunch: Arroz a la (cubana?) with poached egg sweet peppers and medjool dates packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links My mom used to make up this dish growing up. It's a mixture of ground beef, potatoes and carrots with tomato sauce. Served on top of rice, she usually tops it with fries egg. I never really knew what it's called and after much googling, Arroz a la Cubana (Pinoy style) is the closest recipe I can find.

Competition lunch

2 weeks ago, I competed in my first ever Crossfit competition. Of course we packed our lunches (mine and my husband's) in  EasyLunchBoxes . As for the competition, I did better than I thought I'd do and that's really all that matters to me.  :)  Mommy & Daddy's lunches: grilled ginger chicken with sweet potatoes carrots (with cheese dip for Daddy) banana chips and Enjoy Life chocolate chips (for Mommy) {packed with fruit, yogurt protein shakes/recovery drinks, and lots of water!} packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

PlanetBox and Wendolonia!!

This lunch is being featured over at Wendolonia as part of 3 Tools, 4 Lunches .   I'm so excited... I've never really been featured outside my own little corner of the Internet. 4 moms use the same 3 tools...  we all come up with different lunches to show how with the right simple tools,  you can create lunches in multiple ways! Miss C's birthday is on Friday. Ever since we got Wendolonia's new bento book, Everyday Bento , Miss C had wanted a PlanetBox .  And she's ecstatic to be getting her birthday present 4 days early!!  "ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!!!  You'reTheBestMommy Ever!!!" Miss C's lunch:  Butternut Squash Ravioli w/ parmesan and cheddar cheese Celery w/ Almond Butter and Raisins, Green Apple and Raspberries and a Kiss

Chicken salad wrap

Miss C's lunch: Chicken Salad Wrap pretzels rings, carrots and fruit medley  packed in a Lunchbot Trio note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links Happy Girl! 

Pancit bihon

A friend had a baby and I had volunteered to bring their family a meal. So I doubled my recipe for pancit bihon (Filipino rice noodles) so we can  have a meal for ourselves, and lunches packed the night before! In the EasyLunchbox : Pancit with hardboiled eggs pineapple and dates  In the Lunchbot Thermal : chicken noodle soup (with pears, pineapple and a fruit snack) note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

party food leftovers

I found this on my cell phone recently while looking through older pictures. It's the leftovers from Superbowl Sunday party spread! deviled eggs, sweet peppers stuffed with buffalo dip chips and guacamole and spinach mushroom flatbread pizza packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

Miss C packs her lunch

Miss C wanted to pack her lunch and she chose PBJ with cutout using a  Valentine's cookie cutter, apples and goldfish crackers. packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links I've linked up to Eats Amazing 's Fun Food Friday!

BLT wrap {paleo}

BLT lettuce wrap almsonds, carrots and clementine packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

crispy pork belly

Mommy's lunch: Crispy Pork Belly (Filipino style) with rice and salad This was so yummy and although time consuming, it was really easy to make.  I need to buy more pork belly so I can take pictures of the cooking process and write a recipe. Stay tuned! packed in an Ecolunchbox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mommy's Lunch: Corned beef and cabbage  with fingerling potatoes and carrots Clementines (let's pretend that the cheesecake isn't there) Daddy packed a similar lunch without the cheesecake. packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May your glass be ever full.   May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead. May luck be our companion. May friends stand by our side. May history remind us all. Of Ireland’s faith and pride. May God bless us with happiness. May love and faith abide. check out more St. Patrick's Day lunches  from my other Bento Bloggers and Friends  

roasted chicken drumstick

Miss C's lunch: leftover roasted drumstick,  chips and guacamole, apples,  raisins and a chocolate lunch tip : cover the leg "handle" part with aluminum foil for a less messy eating experience packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

Buffalo Chicken Dip {recipe}

It's Superbowl Sunday this weekend! I need to share this super duper easy buffalo chicken dip with you. It's a little healthier than other ones with ranch seasoning or mayo!  I packed my leftover dip with celery, oranges  and a lactation cookie (oatmeal cookie fortified with brewers yeast and flax seeds) Buffalo Chicken Dip (primal or lacto-paleo or "paleo con queso") 2 cups of shredded cooked chicken 8 oz cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt 1/2 cup cheddar cheese (or crumbled blue cheese-I'm not a fan though) 1/4-1/2 cup hot sauce (I used Frank's Red Hot) 1/2-1 cup cheddar cheese (optional) Combine cream cheese, yogurt, 1/2 cheddar cheese, and hot sauce in a medium bowl. Add shredded chicken. Pour into a 1-quart baking dish and top with additional cheese. Bake at 350 ° F for 20 minutes or until heated through. Serve with chips, crackers, or vegetables. packed in an  EasyLunchBox note: This post may conta

Chicken Tacos (paleo ish)

We had leftover chicken tacos (super easy recipe below.) Even daddy had to get into the lunch action... It's a family affair! With the exception of the baby... who still is on mama's milk. Although... come to think of it I did store breastmilk in an Easylunchbox when I forgot to bring milk bottles to pump into at work 2 months ago... ha ha ha... squirrel ! Mommy's Lunch Chicken taco salad, with pico de gallo & salsa {paleo} Pecans and applesauce Daddy's lunch: Chicken taco salad with sour cream, pico, salsa and shredded cheese Daddy did not pack his in an Easylunchbox because he said it didn't fit his (falling apart) cooler. So 2 days later (thanks, Amazon Prime !) this arrived at the front door: a black EasyLunchBox cooler just for Daddy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chicken Salsa Tacos (slow cooker/Crock Pot recipe) 3-4 boneless chicken breasts 1 jar (16-24oz) pre

crazy mornings are so much fun!

What do you mean you didn't do your homework? Put that iPod down and eat your breakfast! Did you comb your teeth and brush your hair? (lol) Hurry! Put your coat on, you're going to miss the bus!  Oh wait, I have to pack your lunch! Wait! Quick! Take a picture before the bus gets here! Mommy's lunch:  chicken curry with kale orange, carrots and sweet pepper packed in  EasyLunchBox Miss C's lunch: leftover Annie's mac&cheese hotdogs, orange and an apple. packed in a Lunchbot Thermal note: This post may contain Amazon Affiliate links

top 13 of 2013

Top 13 lunches of 2013! a compilation of  my favorites, my friends' favorites,  my daughter's favorite, and most-pinned lunches of last year. And I'm not the only one. Check out the some of the highlights of my friends from Bento Bloggers and Friends! Enjoy! 1. My most pinned lunch paleo almond-crusted chicken strips (w/ recipe) 2. Mommy's favorite leftovers Spaghetti squash with meatballs 3. Daddy's favorite Paleo lunch Grilled honey chicken (w/recipe 4. Daddy's favorite post pre-and post-race snacks 5. Miss C's favorite lunch Gingerbread man sandwich with crusts intact 6. Easiest lunch  ham roll ups  7. Another Miss C fave cupcake sandwich 8. Readers' favorite panda lunch 9. Most pinned recipe (paleo) carnitas 10. Valentine favorite i love you beary much 11. another "throw in the box" lunch must-sea lunch 12. Readers holiday