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County 4-H Fair lunches

Today we went to our local county 4-H fair for their Kids Day. They had booths from local agencies, hospitals, and businesses that were geared towards kids, kids safety, and activities. We visited the chickens, goats, mommy cows and baby calves. It was also wristband day where you can purchase a wristband that will let you go on unlimited rides in the kiddie land area (geared for the younger children). I packed a couple lunches since my friend also came along with her 3-yr old.   We had Nutella mini sandwich bites (shape like the 4-H clover logo) with carrots/ranch (in pig and chick dip containers), applesauce and yogurt covered raisins

Snack Bento in Orlando

We are on vacation in Orlando. I brought a couple Easylunchboxes and packed some airplane snacks. While on vacation, we are using them to pack snacks while doing the tourist thing. We are also taking our own water and drinks. It is saving us from buying expensive snacks and drinks at Disney!