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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  PB Ghost and Jack o'Lantern sandwiches over veggie chops and tomatoes and bat Strawberry yogurt with zombie hands Pineapple with   black cat Check out my Bento Blogger and Friends'  HALLOWEEN BLOG HOP and HALLOWEEN LINKY PARTY for more cute and/or spooky lunch ideas.

simple lunch

I threw this lunch together in less than 10 minutes. PBJ pocket sandwich using CuteZCute cutters (does it look like a lion? Kinda?) Grapes balloons and Cucumber flowers. Yogurt with sprinkles packed in an EasyLunchBox

Soup lunches

 Fall is in the air! Leaves are turning color and falling. Pumpkin patches and hayrides. Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner. And it's soup season!  Chicken Macaroni Soup (Filipino style) applesauce, grapes, Cheez-Its Italian Wedding Soup w/mini meatballs and spinach waffle with strawberry cream cheese, grapes Mommy's lunch: Chili, w/shredded cheese, sour cream and cucumbers

We Love Fall!

It's a short week at school as Miss C has a day off for Fall Break tomorrow.  Toasted Leaves peanut butter and jelly sandwich veggie chips, mandarin oranges, and a maple leaf brownie

Disposable Bento for a Field Trip

 Miss C had a field trip on Monday to a local fire station. She was supposed to bring a disposable sack lunch. I reused a plastic clamshell box that the strawberries came in. I lined that with a napkin and added cupcake cups as food dividers.   PBJ panda sandwich using CuteZCute animal cutters with veggie chips, carrots, chocolate panda cookies, grapes and strawberries

Ham and Cheese Roll Up

Ham and cheese roll ups  salad (mixed greens, mushrooms, and tomatoes) mini banana and cherries strawberry yogurt I think this Lunchbots Trio is one of my personal favorites. It is small and compact.  It doesn't look like a lot of food, it packs a lot especially when you stack and line up uniformly cut items. Some "compact" lunch ideas:  Cut up a sandwich in small squares and line them up.  Sliced crackers and cubed cheese.  Small berries or cut (melon, pineapple) fruit in uniform squares. Salad or crudites (small cut up veggies) "Lunchables" with meat/crackers/cheese Chicken salad & pita wedges. Sushi rolls

pocket sandwich and applesauce

pocket peanut butter sandwich carrots with ranch, cherries and fruit snacks "applesauce on the go" Over the summer, I saw the applesauce and other fruit squeeze things that come in these pouches. The fruit squeeze pouches intrigued me. Miss C loves applesauce and it was great to take on vacation, I didn't have to worry about washing fruit, bruising, forgetting its in the suitcase and rotting. When we saw some organic fruit pouches in Florida, we snagged a few flavors to try. Applesauce was a definite favorite. I wish I can say about the rest... well, because they tasted like baby food, like fruit purees in those teeny jars. When Miss C was a baby, we sort of did this baby-led weaning thing where we skipped purees altogether and had table food that was mashed or diced or chunked. So she never really had a lot of jarred "baby food".  Miss C did not like the other fruit puree flavors, and I don't blame her. She was, however, totally in love with the ap