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Bunny {blog} Hop

Miss C is on Spring break this week. The plan was to do a bunny lunch last week on Thursday and an Easter lunch on Friday. Unfortunately, Miss C was feverish on Friday and had to stay home. She even missed the Easter Party at her class, which she was pretty bummed about.  Spring break means a break from packing C's lunches this week, but does NOT mean no packed lunches for this Mommy. Packing my lunches is helping me lose weight, so I am not going to stop just because the cutesy lunches are on a week-long hiatus!  Bunny Lunch: Babybel cheese, marshmallow flowers, bunny-molded hardboiled egg, bunny food: crackers, carrots, green peppers and ranch I found the inspiration on Pinterest (surprised?) from Brandy of Gluesticks . She actually had an egg hunt with her kids. I just packed mine in a square Lock/Lock and used press and seal since I had bought jumbo eggs and didn't fit in a reused egg carton. Join us for a bunny blog hop for more Bunny or Easter ins

catch up... the rest of March--mommy edition

Spinach, Artichoke, and Chicken Bake graham crackers, tomatoes and carrots  This is one of my favorite pasta casserole type dish next to Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti. I found the recipe in this wonderful blog called Iowa Girl Eats . I was googling (is that a verb now?) "chicken+spinach+artichoke+casserole" and this blog came up. I just love it when I am looking for one thing and find something more! I love reading her past post about workouts and healthy recipes!  Bratwurst, grilled asparagus and cauliflower apples and banana chips w/bittersweet chocolate chips Tortellini, carrots and fruit cocktail  (without cherries, they usually end up in C's lunches) salad with hardboiled egg, banana chips w/bittersweet chocolate (I love the banana/chocolate combination... it definitely satisfy my sweet craving at work!) Udon noodles in Miso broth, salad with hardboiled egg  Beef and mushroom panini with deviled egg salad radishes and c

catch up... the rest of March

I can't believe its April already.  After the St. Patrick's Day post, everything became a blur.  Here are the pictures I found in my camera and iPhone... Tortellini with fruit, carrots and Combos. Hawaiian Pizza, Hello Kitty hardboiled egg salad w/ranch, and banana chips. My Hello Kitty mold that I bought from Ebay finally came in (shipped internationally)! YAY! leftover Jimmy John turkey slim (with a quick doodle face on plastic wrap) strawberries, Combos, carrots and yogurt. Hotdog, mozzarella cheese, yogurt cucumber flowers with green peppers leaves I had tuna casserole scheduled on this day, but I was watching the local morning news and they had said it was "National Food on a Stick Day." Tuna casserole wouldn't hold up on a stick, so I quickly found items that I can stick on little skewers.