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Bunny {blog} Hop

Miss C is on Spring break this week. The plan was to do a bunny lunch last week on Thursday and an Easter lunch on Friday. Unfortunately, Miss C was feverish on Friday and had to stay home. She even missed the Easter Party at her class, which she was pretty bummed about.  Spring break means a break from packing C's lunches this week, but does NOT mean no packed lunches for this Mommy. Packing my lunches is helping me lose weight, so I am not going to stop just because the cutesy lunches are on a week-long hiatus! 

Bunny Lunch:
Babybel cheese, marshmallow flowers, bunny-molded hardboiled egg,
bunny food: crackers, carrots, green peppers and ranch

I found the inspiration on Pinterest (surprised?) from Brandy of Gluesticks. She actually had an egg hunt with her kids. I just packed mine in a square Lock/Lock and used press and seal since I had bought jumbo eggs and didn't fit in a reused egg carton.

Join us for a bunny blog hop for more Bunny or Easter inspired lunches! 
Bunny Hop!


  1. Love it! I suggested this to my sister when we go over for Easter with her and her girls, and let them each hunt for their color eggs for lunch!
    ...But then I'd have to make them all cute lunches to hide.

  2. So fun! What a great lunch, so be surprised at every egg!

  3. that Press N Seal Idea is a good one - I need to remember that!

  4. So awesome, love the idea of fitting the food inside the eggs!


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