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week in review - Jan 23-27

Monday:  C's lunch: Homemade "Lunchables": ham, cheddar and Ritz crackers Watermelon, blueberries and fruit snacks My lunch: soup, watermelon/blueberries, mozz cheese stick Tuesday: C's day off My lunch: banana bread oatmeal, mozz cheese stick, and an apple Wednesdsay: C's lunch: Salad with turkey  rice crackers, strawberries, and blueberries    My lunch: Salad and blueberries Notice I don't waste the scraps when I cut out shapes for C's lunch. They either become part of my lunch, or more often, I eat for my breakfast. Thursday: C's lunch: heart shaped chocolate Sunbutter sandwich veggie chips, strawberries, Babybel cheese,  Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats,strawberry yogurt Sunbutter is not C's favorite. She prefers peanut butter, but she goes to a nut-free school. I finally figured out a way to make Sunbutter palatable for C. I took 1/4 cup of sunbutter and added 2 T chocolate syrup. It made the

week in review - Jan 16-20

Monday: Miss C had didn't have school due to MLK day. My lunch: can of soup and banana (quickly thrown into my purse on the way out the door) Tuesday Miss C's day off My lunch: Crockpot spinach lasagna (lean ground beef, tons of spinach, minimal cheese),  spring mix salad & blueberries I'm trying this healthy eating thing where moderation is key...  before, the bigger portion of the container would have been filled with lasagna.  I'm learning.  Wednesday: Miss C's lunch was turkey roll ups with carrots, blueberries, rice cakes and yogurt. My lunch: Chili w/1/2c rice & banana (p.s. just in case my bootcamp trainer is reading this, its made of lean ground beef, diced tomatoes, and beans, just 1/2 c [measured] of rice, and 1 tbsp of cheese".) Thursday: Miss C's lunch: turkey & cheese teddy bear sandwich teddy grahams, grapes & pudding cup My lunch: spring salad with sl

finger sandwiches

Miss C's lunch: Sunbutter and Jelly Finger Sandwiches with banana, grape and cheese skewers and strawberry yogurt. My lunch was "grab the first thing in the pantry I can find".  The soup worked out well, because the temperature outside dropped and  we were in a "winter storm warning" that day (Thursday).  No lunch on Friday due to a snow day at school. The preschool follow a local school district's severe weather protocol. The school district had a 2-hour delay due to snow, which meant that morning preschool classes were canceled. I grabbed another can of soup from the pantry and took Miss C to daycare. 

"ice cream" sandwiches

Miss C's lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich with grapes, veggie chips and a brownie. Another Sweet Set LunchPunch sandwich. This time I used the ice cream cone cutters with cheese "ice cream" and turkey for the "cherry". I'm still getting the hang of cutting sandwiches. I find that if the sandwich is too think, the part where the cutter is supposed to leave indentations (like the cone part) end up cutting up the bread (like the left sandwich). The cupcake cutter from that set is still my (and C's) favorite.   my lunch: broiled salmon (leftovers) with stirfry veggies & noodles.

Its a new year!

After a what seemed to be a forever long 2-week Christmas break, Miss C finally went back to school yesterday. It was a little challenging explaining again and again to a 4 year old how she had about more than 14 sleeps to go till school. She did have fun staying home with Daddy though, who was also on their annual 2 week shutdown during the holidays.  I'm glad to be in the swing of things again; but this month will be busier than ever since my boss raised my hours at work (yay!!!) back to 40 hours.  So things will get prioritized and some things will have to take a backseat.  Unfortunately, less cakes will be on the schedule the next month or 2, depending on how long I stay busy at work.  More hours mean I have to either work through lunch or take 30 minute lunches (instead of an hour) so that I can leave work before it gets too late.  On the plus side, I have to get serious on packing lunches for myself as well! Miss C's lunch: chicken and noodles (leftover from a Hibach

Christmas Break

 It was 2 long weeks without any cute or fun lunches. Last week, I had to take Miss C to work with me for an hour because my husband had to work for a couple days (even though they were supposed to be on a two week shutdown, he volunteered to come in and work a couple of days to help maintenance or whatever he had to do... anyhoo...) I whipped up a cute snack bento for Miss C to munch on while she watched Tangled in my office... Miss C's snack: teddy grahams, mozz cheese stick,  and Meiji Hello Panda (chocolate filled cookies) Miss C at work My lunch later that day... taco salad.