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December bento round up!

Despite all the festivities, parties, programs, birthdays, cakeballs, and rush during holidays, we had a very wonderful relaxed Christmas! Of course, priorities had to be set and there are some things that didn't get done... like sending out Christmas cards, the massive cookie baking session (although we did manage to do a cookie decorating party with the kids), all the cool Pinterest-inspired DIY homemade gifts that I had planned, and of course, blogging. But ya'll understand right? I knew you would, so THANKS! Strawberry jam filled sandwich using Pampered Chef's Cut-N-Seal with blackberries, cottage cheese and carrots/ranch My husband made our family's popular Filipino-style chicken macaroni soup ("Sopas") with cucumbers, applesauce and fruitsnacks.  I will probably post the macaroni soup recipe in the future. This is one of our favorites and my ultimate comfort food from the Philippines. Cupcake sandwich from the Lunch Punch Sweet Set I wo

Poor Magic...

WARNING :  GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW! {.lol.} It snowed a couple weeks ago... our first snow that actually accumulated and Miss C and DH (dear husband) were able to build a snowman. "Magic" was his name and she was so proud of it! Miss C and "Magic" the snowman Then it warmed up and rained the following weekend... then DH got ahold of a 7-iron... Miss C was at her Lola's house so she did NOT witness this massacre...  ( Lola = Grandmother in Tagalog) In Honor of Magic: Magic the snowman, aka turkey and cheese sandwich... with berry kabobs, cheez-its, and fruit cereal bar. 


Last week, I won a set of The Lunch Punch Sweet Set from BentOnBetterLunches ! I was so excited! Most of my friends know that I dabble on cake decorating on the weekends, so  I have been eyeing this sandwich cutter set for several weeks now. I even had it in my Christmas list (sorry, dear husband, you have to think of something else!) So I was super excited when Cristi from  BentOnBetterLunches  notified me that I won her giveaway. image from The Lunch Punch I got it a few days later and this is what we made: Cake Sandwich on top of grapes,  veggie chips, cheese stick and strawberry wafers It was on those mornings, where nothing was going according to plan: I left my camera at work, so I had to take a picture of the sandwich with my cell phone; Miss C's jeans were still a little damp around the waistline and she did not want her hair combed... and we were running late, so I didn't get to add any decorations on top, but that's okay, because Miss C absolutel

#39,40,41,42,43 Catching up!

#39 meatballs, carrot sticks, watermelon, crackers, and jell-o The meatballs were leftover from our Small Group dinner. Its a super easy recipe that I'm sure most people already know or have had: 1 bottle of chili, 1 jar of grape jelly, and a bag of frozen meatballs; 4-6 hours in a crockpot. #40  chicken and vegetable potstickers, sesame noodles carrots & ranch, and edamame #41  apple, carrot sticks and yogurt Miss C was involved in a motions/karate program for 5 weeks. Its a weekly karate/attitude class that met between her preschool class and play-and-stay. On their last day of the program had a pizza party so that the kids can showcase moves that they practiced. I packed something that would add a little bit more nutrition than a cheese pizza.  #42  lunchables turkey, cheese, crackers, and carrots #43  breakfast for lunch:  scrambled egg, fruit loops(milk not pictured), yogurt, and apple It was Friday, we were running late, M