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#38 salad

salad, mozzarella stick bites, crackers bananas, and pudding cup. I love the fact that my kid likes salad. I pray that this will always be the case most of the time!

#37 turkey flower sandwiches

Turkey and cheese mini flower sandwiches, mandarin oranges, goldfish crackers, and pudding cup.

#36 Turkey Sausage + Ravioli

Miss C's lunch was leftover turkey sausages and pesto ravioli with fruit cocktails and Thomas the Train fruit snacks. My lunch was leftover pesto ravioli with turkey & cheese sausage with edamame and fruit cocktail.  I have access to a full kitchen to warm up my lunch,  that's why my sausage looks unheated and the edamame is still frozen. 

#35 strawberry sushi

Strawberry Sushi  with Edamame mozz cheese stick and applesauce. I am also so glad I found a network of bento bloggers -- they are so full of ideas and so so creative! My lunches does not compare the awesomeness of these ladies... serious bento stuff there! I think I'll post a "Bento Crush" once a week and give them kudos individually! :) Speaking of posts... I haven't been doing any Pinday stuff! totally slacking...  We've made these 2 yummy Pinterest-inspired dishes, but I forgot to take pictures before they got eaten up! via  Pinterest Via Pinterest

#34 sloppy joes

Miss C specifically requested sloppy joes for lunch during dinner the night before with edamame, applesauce, and chocolate covered pretzels   Same lunch for mommy w/o applesauce I have Adam Sandler  "Lunch Lady Land"  song... the "Sloppy Joes, Slop-Sloppy Joes" part (@2:01s). ha!

#33 turkey sandwiches

Turkey and cheese sandwiches, coconut crackers,  banana chips and strawberry "gogurt". This was the day Miss C informed me she no longer likes banana chips. But I know better... she goes through these picky phases. Sometimes it sticks longer than what I would like, but most of the time, she forgets that she doesn't like something. For example, she used to love onions. She would take onion rings, break them in half and pull out the onion and eat that. Then she took a bite of pizza with a piece of onion that wasn't cooked through, and that was enough for her to declare that she "hates onions." Last weekend, I made her breakfast--  scrambled egg and toast.  I then added sauteed onions to my scrambled eggs. And guess who ate half of my food? Yup. Miss C now "loves onions" once again. Moral of the story? Just because your child may say he/she doesn't like something, keep trying (but don't force them). You never know when they'll cha

#32 chicken and rice soup

Chicken and rice soup, with oyster crackers, pineapple, watermelon and rice krispie treat. Note to self: Miss C isn't a fan of soup for lunches. She said "at least I took 2 bites!"

#31 breakfast and fish tacos!

Miss C's lunch was breakfast! Cheerios (with milk), sausage,  banana chips and strawberries w/cheese stick and fruit snacks. She absolutely loved breakfasts for lunches!  This will definitely be my backup plan on those mornings that  I am completely unprepared for to pack lunches!   My lunch was a fish taco bento with tator tots and apple. my quick fish tacos recipe:   haddock fillets (or fish sticks) wrapped in flour or corn tortillas and  topped with coleslaw and shredded cheese (not pictured) optional a squeeze of lemon or lime. (instead of regular coleslaw, I just shred cabbage and mix in mayo and pickle relish) 

#30 turkey cheddar sausage

Turkey sausage with corn, watermelon and Scooby graham cracker snacks. Miss C was ecstatic that there was cheese INSIDE the sausage!

#29 tortellini

Miss C's lunch was leftover tortellini with spaghetti sauce for dipping  with corn, rice krispie treat and strawberry "gogurt"  My lunch was Chef Boyardee Beefaroni with cottage cheese. Don't judge. CB was on sale so I had a stash of CB Beefaroni or Ravioli at work for those days that I either forget to bring my lunch and cannot or don't feel like leaving the office for lunch. Its another one to put in the "don't knock it till you try it" file. I think the cottage cheese makes it creamier and takes away the "canned pasta" taste to it.

#27 & #28 Halloween festivities!

What a Halloween weekend! It all started Friday... Here is Miss C's lunch at school: Pumpkin Sandwich (turkey),  candy corn, peaches, pretzels and snap pea crips I don't have fancy cutters, just cookie cutters and some sandwich cutters, so I took a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape the sandwich. Cut the bread, meat, cheese separately and stack... much easier than cutting through an assembled sandwich. I used watered down orange food color and dabbed it onto the bread, and toasted it so that the coloring dried a little so the bread wouldn't turn soggy. Then I used an edible maker to add the eyes and mouth. Then Friday night, we went to the local mall where they had trick or treat event and most of the stores handed out candy.  Saturday, we went to a nearby indoor waterpark where they hosted a Fall Fest with crafts, costume contests and games. We swam, played, and played and stayed overnight at the hotel attached to the waterpark. The hotel also had a costu