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Bentos in EasyLunchBoxes

Instead of trying to remember lunches and days, I thought I'd group the lunches based on lunch container types. Just because. It's something different. And it's easier. So first up, is one of my favorite lunch box: the EasyLunchBox. I was reading up on other bento blogs when I first started and it seemed like everyone else were using Easylunchboxes (or ELBs.)  I was quite content with my a disposable/reusable brand that I got at the grocery store... but I was intrigued. So I bought a set.  My disposable brand ones warped in the microwave and dishwasher, the ELBs can withstand the microwave and the hubby put it in the bottom rack of the dishwasher. (Plus it's BPA-free!) One of my pet peeves is when the plastic gets discolored when you put spaghetti sauce or chili in it... I have not noticed that with my ELBs. Plus, if you're into being green and environmentally conscious, its probably worth investing in a set of these. I already had to throw away some disposable ones because they melted slightly in the microwave (I wonder if any melted into my lunch!),  discolored, or badly warped. Plus, we haven't lost any ELB lids! We always seem to lose those plasticware lids. While Miss C loves her cutesy bento boxes, I tend to use ELBs more for my lunches because its easy to compartmentalize my food to have better portion control.

my lunch: teriyaki chicken, rice, teriyaki noodles

my lunch: taco omelet with rice, strawberries +choc cookie

C's lunch: celery w/sunbutter, ham, cauliflower, 
banana bread, Babybel cheese, clementine

My lunch: leftover fried chicken, apple, clementine and edamame

My lunch: taco salad and watermelon

Anyway, a little bloggy disclaimer: I bought the ELBs with my own money and didn't get anything in return to  write about this. 


  1. Myra!! Thank you for this wonderful post and your two thumbs up. So appreciated!!


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