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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last year, I had perfect lighting, at 8am, the sun was up giving me natural light to take pictures. I had a perfect setup in our master bedroom, the only southeast window at our house, and I was able to take pretty good pictures despite my lack of photography skills and knowledge. This year, Miss C gets on the bus early and the sun is not even up yet! I have no natural light at 6:30am, so I have to take indoor pictures with a flash. Also, I just don't have time to edit pictures, I have to take pictures straight from the camera and upload them the watermarking software (that watermarks in batches-which is a time saver!) I finally invested in a Table Top Photo Studio Photo Light Box. It was inexpensive and would have been cheaper than a DIY light box.
Notice the EasyLunchBox Mini Dippers I got in the mail the same day as the light box! It was like Christmas morning! :) 

No flash, no light box

With flash, no light box. 
Notice how greasy the brussel sprouts look and the background is a pastel blue.

With the light box, no flash.
The background paper is closer to the true color. 
It's a little dark and noisy, but I'm pretty sure that's user error.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Table Top Photo Studio Photo Light Box. The lamps get pretty hot quick, but I only need it for a few minutes in the morning anyway.  It can fold up and put away when not in use on the weekends. 


Michelle | Creative Food said...

Thanks for the with and without pictures!! I love how clearly you can see the difference! Let me know how you like it over time!! :)

Hooray Bento said...

I've been having lighting issues too. Thanks for the tip! I may look into getting one of these.

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