School Menu Inspiration

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sometimes I draw inspiration from the school menu. I know Miss C loves sloppy joes and when the school menu calls for sloppy joes that day, we will make sloppy joes for dinner so we can pack leftovers for lunch the next day. Miss C and I reviewed the menu and so she can pick when she would like to eat school lunch. There were only 4 for the month of September, and I'm sure she will change her mind and will ask for a packed lunch instead. And I'm totally fine with that. :) 

School lunch menu: pepperoni pizza, california blend veg, and blue jello
Miss C had leftover pizza and cinnamon from her dinner at Chili's.
I added carrots, mushrooms (her choice of veggie) and cherry tomatoes
packed in a 2-tier bento box.

School lunch menu:  Smoky links, peas & carrots, sherbet
Miss C loves scrambled eggs with salsa,
with toast, greek yogurt, and watermelon.

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