my lunches and photography problem

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My lunch below is grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, steamed green beans and strawberries. But let's not talk about my food right now. Let's talk food photography. A few months ago, I bartered a home-cooked dinner for quick photography tips from my friend Josh. He also teaches classes at a local college and museum, so I know he knows his stuff. He gave me a few pointers about flash vs no flash, using natural light, ISO stuff, and other technical camera stuff. Well, over the summer, I did not blog much, and my iPhone camera became handier than my bulky Fujifilm FinePix camera. (Oh, how I wish for a Nikon DSLR...) I forgot all that camera settings stuff we talked about. 

Another problem is natural lighting. Last year, preschool started at 9am, so by 8:30am, the sun has risen; even though I had to lug all the lunches to our master bedroom window on the other side, I get great natural light. Now, Miss C have to be ready around 7am. The sun is barely up at 6:45am, and when Daylight Savings Time hit, we'll be completely in the dark that early in the morning.

Googling (yep, that's totally a word) "food photography" gave me a few ideas: a DIY lightbox or a flash diffuser. So the cheapest thing I have on hand is tissue paper to use as a diffuser.

using pre-sunrise lighting, no flash
Notice it has a blu-ish shade. Ick. 

using the tissue paper diffuser over the flash
The colors are better, the salmon looks yummier, but the 
flash definitely accentuated the oiliness of the asparagus.

 using my iPhone, left pic without flash, right pic with flash

I need a bigger kitchen or a space at home to create that lightbox. I think. Or I just need another photog lesson. Any pointers? I have a budget-friendly Fujifilm FinePix and an iPhone. (um, Josh? Help?)

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Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Lunch looks tasty! I wish I knew more about food photography, especially for those rainy mornings!

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