First day of Kindergarten!

Friday, August 17, 2012

No... I did not cry. It was an all smiles morning!

Because of my super late post last night, I skipped my 5am workout in lieu of depositing towards my sleep debt. I set an alarm at 6:00 am. Miss C woke me up at 5:58 am. I asked her to go to her bedroom and change clothes. She came back to my room at 5:59 am. No lie. This girl usually takes 10 minutes to put on socks! Excited is an understatement. At 6:45 am, while I was still fighting with the camera settings since I have no natural light that early in the morning, putting lunch box inside her bag, she kept telling me to hurry because she might miss the bus (which was scheduled to arrive between 7:15/7:30). At 7:25, she stepped on that bus, sat down and waved at me through tinted windows. Despite the lump in my throat, I waved back. My baby is in Kindergarten. Seriously?

1st lunch of 2012-2013 school year!
Miss C requested ham and cheese sandwich rollups, 
carrots with ranch, blueberries, and a couple gummi worms.
Packed in her new Goodbyn bento box 
decorated w/stickers that came with it.

Coincidentally, ham/cheese rollups and goldfish crackers were her first lunch last year. 


Bobbi@bobbisbentos said...

So cute! The first day of school is always exciting! I love the new look :)

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Cute cute!!! :) I can't believe you didn't cry :P I cry every year after Kidlet gets on the bus and he's going in to 6th grade lol. I can never believe how old he is getting!

Anonymous said...

Wait til they get on a bus to go to bootcamp. LOL

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