April Fools' Day

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Everyone knows I bake... 
and decorate cakes.

So here's a no sugar, gluten-free cupcake! 
For reals!

But look closer...

Its actually a meatloaf muffin with mashed potato swirl.

Use your favorite meatloaf recipe. 
I used half 95% lean ground beef and half ground turkey
so there is minimal fat/grease in the muffin tin. 
I tinted mashed potatoes with a little bit of food coloring,
you can also use beet juice for natural coloring.
Swirl and top with cheese as "sprinkles" 


Keeley McGuire said...

HA! Great job Mom! Super creative AND cute! ;)

Candy Girl said...

Ha! That's adorable :)

Keitha said...

Great job! I was fooled.

Michelle | Creative Food said...

These are awesome!

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