week of bentos - Mar 5-9

Monday, March 12, 2012

C's lunch: Chawanmushi, deli rolls
green peppers (w/ranch) and strawberry applesauce
in a cute yellow bento box.

My lunch: Udon noodles w/deli rolls in a small cute pink bento box
(not pictured: apple)
We had dinner at my mom's house after church and she prepared chawanmushi, spring rolls, lumpia, and udon noodles. So we had leftovers the next day. Chawanmushi is a Japanese steamed egg custard soup in a teacup, my mom added shrimp and mushroom, two of C's favorite foods.  I originally thought that I was going to have the egg soup for my lunch, but C loved it and wanted it for lunch, so I ended up with the Udon noodles instead. 

C's off day

My lunch: teriyaki salmon with rice, raw brocolli slaw, and carrots 
using Lock&Lock divided container

C's lunch: hummus, cauliflower, flower cookies
fried SPAM, and garlic fried rice
in a 2-tier bento box
This was another case of C swiping my lunch. She orinally was going to have a sandwich, but as soon as she saw me take out the leftovers for my lunch, she begged for it instead. So instead I had this:
My lunch: raisin bagel with cream cheese, strawberry jam
cauliflower, carrots and hummus

no school for C
My lunch: burger salad and cottage cheese in an EasyLunchbox
I topped the salad with warmed leftover chopped burger. I made a quick dressing using a tablespoon of mayo, ketchup and mustard. and it tasted like a burger without the bun! Next time, I'll add a spoonful of relish in the burger dressing mixture!


Keeley McGuire said...

Terryaki salmon and rice - yum!!

- Mighty B said...

Brenna is sitting next to me as I read this and said, "I WANT THAT!" Maybe I'll give Bento a try this fall for preschool?

Myra of Mommy+Me Lunchbox said...

Brenna would love it! Is she doing play-n-stay?

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