week in review - Jan 16-20

Friday, January 20, 2012

Miss C had didn't have school due to MLK day.
My lunch: can of soup and banana
(quickly thrown into my purse on the way out the door)

Miss C's day off

My lunch:
Crockpot spinach lasagna (lean ground beef, tons of spinach, minimal cheese), 
spring mix salad & blueberries
I'm trying this healthy eating thing where moderation is key... 
before, the bigger portion of the container would have been filled with lasagna. 
I'm learning. 


Miss C's lunch was turkey roll ups with carrots,
blueberries, rice cakes and yogurt.

My lunch:
Chili w/1/2c rice & banana
(p.s. just in case my bootcamp trainer is reading this, its made of lean ground beef,
diced tomatoes, and beans, just 1/2 c [measured] of rice, and 1 tbsp of cheese".)


Miss C's lunch:
turkey & cheese teddy bear sandwich
teddy grahams, grapes & pudding cup

My lunch:
spring salad with sliced turkey, apple.
(confession: i did have an apple pie at lunch that was brought it
by a former coworker from Peru who came to visit)


Miss C's: "breakfast for lunch" (she still thinks this is the silliest thing ever!)
rice krispies+coco krispies mix (with milk)
apple & yogurt w/sprinkles.

My lunch:
I won't say what I got there cuz it wasn't healthy! Ha!
Zumba tomorrow at 10am to make up for it!

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