Christmas Break

Sunday, January 8, 2012

 It was 2 long weeks without any cute or fun lunches. Last week, I had to take Miss C to work with me for an hour because my husband had to work for a couple days (even though they were supposed to be on a two week shutdown, he volunteered to come in and work a couple of days to help maintenance or whatever he had to do... anyhoo...) I whipped up a cute snack bento for Miss C to munch on while she watched Tangled in my office...
Miss C's snack: teddy grahams, mozz cheese stick, 
and Meiji Hello Panda (chocolate filled cookies)

Miss C at work

My lunch later that day... taco salad.


Keeley McGuire said...

lol, that's what my daughter does when she's at my main office with me too ~ movies, coloring, and sometimes i give her paperwork to put on others desks for me in their inbox. she likes to feel like she works there too, lol :)

Lindsey said...

The taco salad looks delicious!

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