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Monday, January 9, 2012

After a what seemed to be a forever long 2-week Christmas break, Miss C finally went back to school yesterday. It was a little challenging explaining again and again to a 4 year old how she had about more than 14 sleeps to go till school. She did have fun staying home with Daddy though, who was also on their annual 2 week shutdown during the holidays.  I'm glad to be in the swing of things again; but this month will be busier than ever since my boss raised my hours at work (yay!!!) back to 40 hours.  So things will get prioritized and some things will have to take a backseat.  Unfortunately, less cakes will be on the schedule the next month or 2, depending on how long I stay busy at work.  More hours mean I have to either work through lunch or take 30 minute lunches (instead of an hour) so that I can leave work before it gets too late.  On the plus side, I have to get serious on packing lunches for myself as well!

Miss C's lunch: chicken and noodles (leftover from a Hibachi restaurant)
lemon poppyseed muffin and oranges.
In hindsight, she could have used more veggies. oops. 
I also wish it was more creative for the first day back of school. 

My lunch: same leftovers with a salad and oranges

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