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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is totally unrelated to bentos and lunches, but I really like the idea. So if you don't mind, I'll be going off on a Pinterest tangent once a week. 

A friend of a friend started up what's called "Pinday". Its a weekly post of different inspirations found on Pinterest.  I wrote about Pinterest where I found the idea of lunch organization to streamline my mornings packing lunch. I have a ton of pins... 815, to be exact. While most are dreams and random things, some boards like my "gotta cook" board has 82 pins, the "gotta make" board has 70 pins, and my "gotta bento" board has 40 pins. This "Pinday" idea is a great way to encourage myself to try out the different recipes and crafts that I have saved on Pinterest. I can't wait to share all the ideas and recipes and how they turn out.

My first Pinterest-inspired project was my hallway. We have lived in our house for almost 4 years and we barely have pictures and frames up on the wall. We have a lot of professional pictures taken, courtesy of our friend Josh (who takes our annual holiday pictures) and just recently by Jen during our trip to Florida. But we have a really bad habit of just collecting the digital files and CDs and never really print anything. So I decided its finally time to tackle this hallway and found this on Pinterest:

I have seen a similar ledge at IKEA, so during our last Chicago trip to see a Cubs Game, we stopped by IKEA and grabbed some shelves. (I love IKEA, but we'll talk about in another post.) I had a stash of black and some silver frames that I bought 2 years ago (yeah, I had been wanting to do something for a long time, just "haven't gotten around to it"), found some pictures, and printed some new ones. Here is our hallway:

 The Simpsons 
Est. 2000

We may put another shelf or hang more frames around the vinyl decal. But its a start! :) 

The link below is Angie's link to her Pinday link-up party, and you are invited!  I know I have a lot of Pinaholic blog friends that have pins and ideas that want to come to life. And the Pinday doesn't necessarily be stuff you made or done... it can just be pins that inspire you or make you laugh or your "someday".  

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Angie said...

Myra, I LOVE how your hallway frame display turned out!!! Adorable. Thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing more of your projects!! :) Blessings!

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