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the rest of Week #4

I still have not decided whether or not going to a weekly summary of the bentos or the daily thing... So maybe I'll try 2-3 weeks of weekly lunches and incorporating a recipe day, "Pinday" a weekly Pinterest-inspired meme that was inspired from another blogging friend, and a random day where I can post whatever is on my mind that week. Sound okay to you? Okay. Thanks. :)

Here we go...

Wednesday Lunch: 

Spam and Rice
If you've never had Spam, don't knock it till you try it!  The whole rice and Spam thing is so Filipino. I remember having Spam and rice is a rare treat when we lived in the Philippines. Spam is also huge in Hawaii-- I've found Spam musubi online which is sort of like Spam sushi. Serious yum. We had rice and Spam the night before. The recipe is pretty simple:

Fried Spam
1 can Spam
1 egg, scrambled.

Cut Spam into 1/4" slices. Coat each slice. Spray a frying pan or use a nonstick pan to fry until edges are brown and heated through. Serve with rice (garlic fried rice preferred).

Miss C's new bento. My husband said that her lunch box came home 
with only a few bites leftover so I say it was a success.  
Mommy's lunch

Thursday Lunch: 

Miss C's lunch was ravioli with leftover stuffed chicken
salad, goldfish crackers and strawberry applesauce. 
I went home for lunch so I didn't pack mine. I think I had leftover rice and eggs. 
Miss C loved it and ate everything. She even thanked me later that night for putting cheese in her salad.
She makes me giggle. 

Friday Lunch: 

Miss C's "lunchables" with turkey, american cheese and Ritz crackers
along with melon, cucumbers w/ranch (in that cute little green container) and fruit snacks.
I had lunch with my friends so no lunch box for me.


  1. i want you to make my lunch!!! So freaking cute.


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