Pinday: No-Sew Scarves

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

another non-bento nor food related post...

I can cook. I can bake. I can throw parties. I can put up siding. I can design houses and buildings. But I can not sew. I wish I can, but I can't. Or I think I can't. I don't have a sewing machine and the last time I touched one was in 8th grade 16 years ago. I remember making a duffel bag. And I got an A. So maybe I can sew, but just need lessons? Sure. Another thing to add to my life. Then again, I think I'm fine with the fact that I just don't sew. Unless I get a sewing machine for Christmas... hint. hint. Oh, wait... my husband does not read blogs. Oh, well. 

I found a couple examples of this no-sew infinity scarf/T-shirt necklace that caught my eye. The "no-sew" part intrigued me.  
via Pinterest
The The DIY Dish website above had a video of instructions for these scarves.

Basically you take a large T-shirt. Cut into strips, and stretch them. The edges roll in, and, voila! no hemming!

A fabric flower would be fabulous... 

I finally got a mustard yellow cardigan on clearance at Target. I've been pinning mustard yellow items on Pinterest along with turquoise and purple. And I don't care if my friends think its the color of baby poop. Mustard yellow goes with almost anything!

This is the same idea, just a wider band... I think I need to use a 4X T-shirt or more layers.

Pretty easy craft... I'm thinking this would make great DIY Christmas presents for kids to make!

I promise I will have a more relevant (food/recipe or bento) Pinday next week! :)

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- B said...

They look so good! Even with that unfortunate sweater....KIDDING! :-)

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