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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We had a very busy summer! On June 28, we welcomed our precious bundle of joy. 

Everyone, meet Miss E.

She is perfect and Miss C absolutely adores her little sister!

I {heart} this photo taken by Darcy Holsopple.
Visit her blog for more pics

The beginning part of the summer was consumed with baby prep while the latter was consumed by baby love. I'm sure we will settle into our routine soon and hopefully incorporating baby madness into it, actually, incorporating our own routine to the baby's routine. She's pretty much the boss right now. Well, her need to eat and cuddle takes precedence over a lot of stuff... like blogging and chores.  I am slowly getting back into my regular "leisure" activities, like showering, Crossfit, baking/decorating, and blogging.

So this week is exciting and busy! My maternity leave went by really fast and  I am back to work full time this week. Which means back to packing lunches! AND most importantly, Miss C starts school tomorrow! Back to school! Back to bentos! I'm excited! Miss C is excited! Let's do this! 1st grade, here we come!
Mommy's Lunch: 
Baked chicken w/ green beans
grapes and Mother's Milk tea
packed in an EasyLunchBox

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