#33 turkey sandwiches

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Turkey and cheese sandwiches, coconut crackers, 
banana chips and strawberry "gogurt".

This was the day Miss C informed me she no longer likes banana chips. But I know better... she goes through these picky phases. Sometimes it sticks longer than what I would like, but most of the time, she forgets that she doesn't like something. For example, she used to love onions. She would take onion rings, break them in half and pull out the onion and eat that. Then she took a bite of pizza with a piece of onion that wasn't cooked through, and that was enough for her to declare that she "hates onions." Last weekend, I made her breakfast--  scrambled egg and toast.  I then added sauteed onions to my scrambled eggs. And guess who ate half of my food? Yup. Miss C now "loves onions" once again. Moral of the story? Just because your child may say he/she doesn't like something, keep trying (but don't force them). You never know when they'll change their mind. 

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