#27 & #28 Halloween festivities!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What a Halloween weekend! It all started Friday... Here is Miss C's lunch at school:
Pumpkin Sandwich (turkey), 
candy corn, peaches, pretzels and snap pea crips

I don't have fancy cutters, just cookie cutters and some sandwich cutters, so I took a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape the sandwich. Cut the bread, meat, cheese separately and stack... much easier than cutting through an assembled sandwich. I used watered down orange food color and dabbed it onto the bread, and toasted it so that the coloring dried a little so the bread wouldn't turn soggy. Then I used an edible maker to add the eyes and mouth.

Then Friday night, we went to the local mall where they had trick or treat event and most of the stores handed out candy. 

Saturday, we went to a nearby indoor waterpark where they hosted a Fall Fest with crafts, costume contests and games. We swam, played, and played and stayed overnight at the hotel attached to the waterpark. The hotel also had a costume/dance party at night and needless to say, Miss C zonked out early despite all the candy she ate. 

We got up early on Sunday, grabbed breakfast, then went back downstairs and played some more at the indoor waterpark. We checked out around noon, went home, Daddy and Miss C took naps while I caught up with my coupons. That afternoon, we had a fall party with our friends from church. Bonfire, chili, roasted hotdogs over the fire, pumpkin carving, and finished the night with s'mores. 

The weekend fun flew by so fast and next thing we know it was Monday. Back to work for us and back to school for Miss C. 
Spiderweb SBJ sandwich, with veggie chips, candy corn 
and jack-o-lantern Hello Kitty cheese and sliced apples

I took circle cutters and cut along the edge of the sandwich, drew spider web with edible markers, painstakingly cut out the HK outline (no cutters!) out of colby jack and added American cheese bow. From Pinterest I found out that if you cut an apple using an apple corer/slicer and kept the apple intact using a rubber band, the apple won't turn yellow as fast. I ran out of rubber bands so I used an orange ribbon. 

Monday evening, Daddy took my daughter to my parents neighborhood so she can go trick-or-treating with her friend (my mom's neighbor's son.) I stayed home nursing a cold and planned to hand out candy to nonexistent trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood.

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

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