Rambling lunch...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Miss C's lunch:
Ham and Babybel cheese
green peppers and ranch
clementine, grapes and Clif KidZBar brownie
(time to put it together: 5 minutes.)

I was stopped by a woman yesterday coming out of my Zumba class: 
"Aren't you the bento lady? How do you find time to make cute lunches? It must take forever" 
Not really.  Seriously--15 minute tops. 
And another 2-3 minutes taking pictures.

As many of you know, I'm a mom of a 5 year old. 
I work a full-time job. I design houses and draw buildings and fun architecturey stuff.
I try to squeeze in workouts in the evenings (sometimes with my child in tow). 
I'm pregnant. So I sleep in as late as I can... 
I love sleep. The snooze button is my best friend... x7 times.
I value sleep now... because in 3 months, well, that will definitely change
So in 15 minutes, while Miss C is eating her breakfast, I pack her lunch.
I take a picture (or 10) while she's brushing her teeth. 
It's been our routine since preschool.
It doesn't happen everyday, we pick out 2 school lunches she likes for the week.
(because I guess kids who buy lunch sit together and packs sit together, 
and there are some friends that buy lunch that she likes to sit with occasionally.)

Granted, some themed lunches may take longer. Planning definitely helps.
Precut veggies and prewashed fruits. 
Leftovers are great especially for Mommy Lunches
As with having the fun supplies on hand... 
(check out AllThingsForSale for cute bento stuff 
that can put "instant cute" in otherwise boring lunches)

And don't get me wrong, I'm no supermom.
I've had days when I had to convince Miss C to please eat school lunch
because my morning sickness has been so bad.
Or I quickly put an uncut sandwich with crusts on (gasp!) with a graham crackers
in her lunch box with Capri Sun and called it lunch.
Or forgot to wash her lunch container a week later...

The last one was my husband.  Ha! I don't wash dishes.
I'm spoiled that way.
Maybe that's why I have too much time on my hands... 
because my  husband does most of the kitchenclean up...

I linked up to Bentos on the Bayou's 15 minute Fridays!
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bentodays said...

Love your post and your lunch!

Rebecca said...

Awesome post!! Your lunch is super cute, too, and how awesome that it only took 5 minutes!! Thank you for linking to 15 Minute Fridays!

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