April Fools' Day

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Everyone knows I bake... 
and decorate cakes.

So here's a no sugar, gluten-free cupcake! 
For reals!

But look closer...

Its actually a meatloaf muffin with mashed potato swirl.

Use your favorite meatloaf recipe. 
I used half 95% lean ground beef and half ground turkey
so there is minimal fat/grease in the muffin tin. 
I tinted mashed potatoes with a little bit of food coloring,
you can also use beet juice for natural coloring.
Swirl and top with cheese as "sprinkles" 

St. Patrick's Day lunches

Friday, March 16, 2012

C's lunch on Thursday: Lucky Charms, 
Wheat Thins, mozzarella cheese, jello and apple.
Check out that checkered pattern! 
Jenn from Bento for Kidlet has a great, super easy tutorial.

Today's St. Patrick's Day lunch:
Chicken fried rice, strawberries, banana chips and mint M&Ms. 
I'm feeling a little under the weather this morning so her official St. Patrick's Day lunch is uninspiring.

Pi Day!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's this mama's turn to have a fun lunch! 

Its Pi Day! 
I love math...

and I'm geeking it out Greek-style! 

Pi Pita... Greek gyro meat, with tzatziki (cucumber yogurt sauce
feta cheese, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes, blueberries, 
and banana chips with a few 60% cacao bittersweet Ghiardelli chips for my sweet tooth

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St. Patrick's Day Bento and another Blog Hop

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Later this week, it'll be my husband's second birthday... Okay, not really... but his name is Patrick. :) And I think he's like .0025% Irish or something. And he's a saint. Okay, not really... but at least he has to deal with me so that makes him a saint in my eyes (and to anyone else that know me! ha!).  Anyway...

Here was C's lunch on Monday:
Mini shamrock sandwich bites, shamrock green pepper, 
carrots with ranch and cheese stick
rainbow fruit mini kabobs, key lime yogurt, 
and some Lucky Charms marshmallows
in an EasyLunchbox 

Now I have a big collection of cookie cutters. In fact, I have 4 shoe boxes full of cookie cutters. It could be 5 or 6 even, as I have cutters that I keep in their original boxes. But I don't have any St. Patrick's Day related cookie cutters. So I used a mini heart cookie cutter and arranged them in a circle. Voila! a shamrock!  

We're doing the St. Pat's Day blog hop a few days early, so you can sort through different ideas and maybe do one for Friday or Saturday lunch! Saturday night will be corned beef and cabbage at our house of course! :)

Without further ado, you guys gotta check out Keitha's St. Patrick's Day lunch. (and the next blog, and the next one, then the next one, and so forth)

I can't wait for Saturday. I love corned beef and cabbage!  Do you?

week of bentos - Mar 5-9

Monday, March 12, 2012

C's lunch: Chawanmushi, deli rolls
green peppers (w/ranch) and strawberry applesauce
in a cute yellow bento box.

My lunch: Udon noodles w/deli rolls in a small cute pink bento box
(not pictured: apple)
We had dinner at my mom's house after church and she prepared chawanmushi, spring rolls, lumpia, and udon noodles. So we had leftovers the next day. Chawanmushi is a Japanese steamed egg custard soup in a teacup, my mom added shrimp and mushroom, two of C's favorite foods.  I originally thought that I was going to have the egg soup for my lunch, but C loved it and wanted it for lunch, so I ended up with the Udon noodles instead. 

C's off day

My lunch: teriyaki salmon with rice, raw brocolli slaw, and carrots 
using Lock&Lock divided container

C's lunch: hummus, cauliflower, flower cookies
fried SPAM, and garlic fried rice
in a 2-tier bento box
This was another case of C swiping my lunch. She orinally was going to have a sandwich, but as soon as she saw me take out the leftovers for my lunch, she begged for it instead. So instead I had this:
My lunch: raisin bagel with cream cheese, strawberry jam
cauliflower, carrots and hummus

no school for C
My lunch: burger salad and cottage cheese in an EasyLunchbox
I topped the salad with warmed leftover chopped burger. I made a quick dressing using a tablespoon of mayo, ketchup and mustard. and it tasted like a burger without the bun! Next time, I'll add a spoonful of relish in the burger dressing mixture!

week of bentos: Feb 27 - Mar 2

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


C's lunch: tuna salad on Goldfish bread
Cheetos, pickles, and fruit cocktail
packed in EasyLunchBox

My lunch: tuna salad on Sandwich Thins
salad, pickles and fruit cocktail 
packed in red bento box


C's off day

My lunch: leftover Chicken Spaghetti
cauliflower, yogurt and a little bit of chocolate
packed in disposable/reusable divided container


C's lunch: chocolate sunbutter on Goldfish bread
goldfish crackers, banana and yogurt
packed in a pink bento box.

My lunch: ham and cheese omelet
banana, hummus, w/goldfish bread (toasted at work)
packed in a red/yellow bento box.

C's lunch: ham and cheese sandwich squares
yogurt and veggie chips
packed in a Lock&Lock divided square container.

My lunch: ham and cheese sandwich squares
yogurt (sans sprinkles) veggie chips and banana
My daughter stole my banana from my lunch box and put it in 
her lunch box while in the car right at the preschool drop-off.


C's lunch: Dr. Seuss Bento

My lunch: leftover Udon noodles from a favorite Korean/Japanese restaurant
w/hardboiled egg and yogurt

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

Friday, March 2, 2012

In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, a group of fellow bento bloggers decided to do another Blog Hop! At the end of this post is a link to the next blog, then at the end of that post is another link to hop on to another blog, and so on and so forth.

I was going to have this fun rhyming poem for this post, but I am not creative with composition, so I'll cut to the chase and here's the lunch:
Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham

 "Gogurt" in a red silicone ice pop maker with white strips of paper inspired by Cat's Hat. Hardboiled eggs dyed in green w/au natural ham (I went with Green Eggs AND ham instead of Green Eggs and Green Ham).  Wheat thins and candy eggs made with white candy wafers and mini green M&Ms. 

Visit Sarah at Bentoriffic for another Seussical lunch!