pocket sandwich and applesauce

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

pocket peanut butter sandwich
carrots with ranch, cherries and fruit snacks
"applesauce on the go"

Over the summer, I saw the applesauce and other fruit squeeze things that come in these pouches. The fruit squeeze pouches intrigued me. Miss C loves applesauce and it was great to take on vacation, I didn't have to worry about washing fruit, bruising, forgetting its in the suitcase and rotting. When we saw some organic fruit pouches in Florida, we snagged a few flavors to try. Applesauce was a definite favorite. I wish I can say about the rest... well, because they tasted like baby food, like fruit purees in those teeny jars. When Miss C was a baby, we sort of did this baby-led weaning thing where we skipped purees altogether and had table food that was mashed or diced or chunked. So she never really had a lot of jarred "baby food".  Miss C did not like the other fruit puree flavors, and I don't blame her. She was, however, totally in love with the applesauce pouches. I'm not sure why kids have a thing with food in tube packaging, but they do; and the applesauce pouches more expensive than jarred applesauce. So I put some no-sugar added applesauce into these silicone ice mold that I use for "Gogurt" and she loved it! Plus it's reusable so no wasted packaging going into the trash and landfill!

one of our favorite lunch tools last year! 


Michelle | Creative Food said...

Love this Myra! :)

Myra of Mommy+Me Lunchbox said...

thanks! totally simple but she loved it!

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