Ham and Cheese Roll Up

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ham and cheese roll ups 
salad (mixed greens, mushrooms, and tomatoes)
mini banana and cherries
strawberry yogurt

I think this Lunchbots Trio is one of my personal favorites. It is small and compact.  It doesn't look like a lot of food, it packs a lot especially when you stack and line up uniformly cut items.

Some "compact" lunch ideas: 
Cut up a sandwich in small squares and line them up. 
Sliced crackers and cubed cheese. 
Small berries or cut (melon, pineapple) fruit in uniform squares.
Salad or crudites (small cut up veggies)
"Lunchables" with meat/crackers/cheese
Chicken salad & pita wedges.
Sushi rolls

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Michelle | Creative Food said...

I love the trio as well... I have been eyeing it for a while..me wants!! hehe Lunch looks yummy!!

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