week of bentos Jan 30 - Feb 3

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday :
C's lunch: DIY chicken wrap (chicken, lettuce, cheese)
jello and apple

My lunch (planned): Salad w/chicken (frozen, will thaw at work micro) 
yogurt with granola
My lunch (actual): Chinese--shrimp and broccoli extra spicy. 

C's day off.

My lunch: see Monday's lunch above.

C's lunch: Choco-Sunbutter and grape jelly sandwich "sushi"
rice cakes, oranges, mozzarella stick

My lunch: frozen chicken, carrots (and ranch), oranges


My lunch: can of soup

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karen said...

I LOVE the DIY chicken wrap! I especially love that you cut the tortilla to fit -- ears and all :)

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