week in review - Feb 20-24

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday: Midwinter break (President's Day) No School
My lunch: chicken and broccoli from our usual Chinese restaurant (peer pressure from my coworker-lol!)

Tuesday:  No School Day
My lunch: an exciting can of Campbell soup and fruit 

C's lunch:  hardboiled egg, wheat thins, 
cauliflower & ranch, and watermelon chunks

My lunch: Shepherd's Pie, cauliflower, and watermelon 
(my hubby made the shepherds pie with a thick layer of cheese on top, I ended up peeling it off!)

C's lunch: rice w/peas, chicken, watermelon
It seems like there's not a lot of food... the rice is packed into teddy bear rice molds, there is about almost a cup of rice for both molds! 

my lunch: same lunch but I added a little bit of chocolate, packed in an Easy Lunchbox! :)
I had been craving sweets at work, so I packed just half a bar of chocolate to control the portions, otherwise, I'd eat the whole bar!

It was extremely foggy Thursday morning. The neighboring school system ended up having a 2-hour delay (meaning schools start 2 hours later usually due to weather related issues that may affect school bus routes). That usually means no morning preschool classes for us. So C had yesterday's lunch today. I had Subway for lunch.

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