Daddy's turn!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend(wife) packed lunch like me?"

Mommy's and Daddy's Lunch:  
Grilled pork chops over green beans
grilled red potatoes and grapes

I don't really care if my husband gets teased about his lunches. I don't think he does either. He rarely eats lunches, so when he was participating in the Crossfit Open last March, he needed to maintain a healthier eating routine, I was a little more giddier than he was to pack his lunches too. I didn't take many pictures of them, since he didn't care much for presentation, but with EasyLunchBoxes, it was easy to arrange the food in different compartments.

Last weekend, he participated in a mud/foam run in Chicago with the some of the athletes at our Crossfit box. It was a 2.5 hour bus ride each way, so he needed to pack lunch and a post-race dinner.  Of course I jumped on that opportunity to pack his lunches too. :)

Mud Run Munchies
Juices for carbs, water, protein shake, bananas
ELB#1: eggs, veggies w/almond butter, with a handful of almonds
almond crackers, sausages, and cheese; strawberries and pineapples
ELB#2: chicken salad, eggs, and broccoli slaw
sausages, and cheese; strawberries and pineapples
and of course adult beverages to enjoy on the bus ride back after the race.

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Venia Conte said...

What a lucky guy!

Rachel B. said...

Love it!!

Karolyn Sanchez said...

Those pork chops look delicious!!! Great job :)

brista said...

I thought one of the lunches was your child's and the other was your husband and I was gonna ask how a kid could eat that much!! Then I realized it said 'mommy' so portions make a lot more sense now. :-D

tdizzlescrib said...

Do you eat it cold, or microwave it?

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