More April Bentos!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

C's lunch: Ham sandwich, snap pea crisps,
carrots, strawberry, grapes

C's lunch: ravioli, snap peas crisps,
strawberries, pound cake

My lunch: salad, bubble pizza, banana
(my husband made the bubble pizza and it was awesome! I will have to post the recipe. I am planning on posting recipes during summer break.)

C's Hello Kitty Bento w/deli rolls, clementine, 
carrots, Babybel cheese (ranch inside the little chick)

C's lunch: Mac&Cheese, edamame, grapes and yogurt

C's lunch: Turkey sandwich w/veggie chips, maraschino cherries
banana chips, and carrots

C's lunch: clementine, edamame, snap pea crisps, deli rolls

C's lunch: butterfly sunbutter&jelly sandwich
veggie chips + apple

C's lunch: rolls w/butter, chips&salsa
yogurt, strawberries
(C specifically asked for just bread and butter. We don't usually have bread/butter during dinner, but I think she had plain bread and butter at daycare, and it stuck)

C's lunch: Bread & butter (see above) salad, watermelon, corn puffs

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