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Monday, April 2, 2012

I can't believe its April already. 
After the St. Patrick's Day post, everything became a blur. 
Here are the pictures I found in my camera and iPhone...

Tortellini with fruit, carrots and Combos.

Hawaiian Pizza, Hello Kitty hardboiled egg
salad w/ranch, and banana chips.
My Hello Kitty mold that I bought from Ebay finally came in (shipped internationally)! YAY!

leftover Jimmy John turkey slim (with a quick doodle face on plastic wrap)
strawberries, Combos, carrots and yogurt.

Hotdog, mozzarella cheese, yogurt
cucumber flowers with green peppers leaves
I had tuna casserole scheduled on this day, but I was watching the local morning news and they had said it was "National Food on a Stick Day." Tuna casserole wouldn't hold up on a stick, so I quickly found items that I can stick on little skewers.

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