December bento round up!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Despite all the festivities, parties, programs, birthdays, cakeballs, and rush during holidays, we had a very wonderful relaxed Christmas! Of course, priorities had to be set and there are some things that didn't get done... like sending out Christmas cards, the massive cookie baking session (although we did manage to do a cookie decorating party with the kids), all the cool Pinterest-inspired DIY homemade gifts that I had planned, and of course, blogging. But ya'll understand right? I knew you would, so THANKS!

Strawberry jam filled sandwich using Pampered Chef's Cut-N-Seal
with blackberries, cottage cheese and carrots/ranch

My husband made our family's popular Filipino-style chicken macaroni soup ("Sopas") with cucumbers, applesauce and fruitsnacks.  I will probably post the macaroni soup recipe in the future. This is one of our favorites and my ultimate comfort food from the Philippines.

Cupcake sandwich from the Lunch Punch Sweet Set I won from BentOnBetterLunches.
Turkey and cheese sandwich with banana, cucumbers and veggie chips.

another Cut-N-Seal Sunbutter&Jelly sandwich
with carrots, cheese, Wheat Thins, and fruit snacks

Hey, look! A "Mommy" lunch! I know its been a while.
Leftover lasagna w/garlic bread, salad, tiramisu cheeseball dip with graham crackers.
(My New Years resolution is to amp up my lunches too! One of the biggest reasons I started this blog and I'm slacking majorly on this one!)

Salad with ham and cheese cubes, a cakeball and apples
(P.S. Make sure those picks don't end up in the garbage disposal... 
especially your mom's and stepdad's kitchen. I'm so sorry!)

Christmas tree turkey sandwich
with veggie chips, applesauce, mozzarella cheese stick and sugar cookie

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can't wait how yummy 2012 will turn out! :)


jen said...

I didn't realize this was your blog Myra until i came to the Chicken Sopas and was like 'wait...' lol
Mine never turns out as good s yours so I have given up on it )= And these are the cute lunches I always dreamed of doing as a mom. I think I managed some when it was just Jordan and Jocelyn but we kept adding kids and, well, now they are lucky if I have time to cut their PB &J's in half lol

Myra said...

Jenn~ its really quite easy to get started! you just need a few tools like cookie cutters and silicone cups! A follow some moms who have kids at home or homeschool that still "bento" it up. I bet the older kids would love to fix fun lunches on occasion! :)

Jenn @ BentoForKidlet said...

Lunches look yummy :D I will anxiously await the tasty soup recipe!

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